Infrared Sauna

“The nice thing is that Far Infrared actually penetrates at cellular levels so it will help clean out organ tissues and disconnect cells from toxins that may be blocking pathways” — Dr. Rachel West

“Infrared Wavelengths penetrate the body to create heat, which creates profound therapeutic benefits. They increase blood flow to the muscles, delivering more concentrated oxygen, which creates more energy to heal. — Dr. Jeffrey Spencer

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The How and Why

Sweating is one of the safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health in the body. A build up of toxins can lead to many common illnesses. Eliminating these toxins through a natural Sauna detox may help relieve symptoms, prevent future illness and increase overall health and vitality.

All Saunas are not created equal. Traditional wet Saunas heat the air around you, thus heating your body from the outside, creating a surface level sweat.

Infrared Saunas have wave lengths that penetrate deep into your skin, heating your body from the inside out, creating a detoxifying sweat at the cellular level. Infrared heat works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and speeding oxygen flow and may also reduce muscle spasms and inflammation, helping the body heal itself naturally.



Reduce Inflammation
Improved Circulation
Skin Rejuvenation
Burn up to 600 calories per session
Improve Cellular Health
Improve Immunity
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sports Injuries
Increased Energy


Fever and Heat Sensitivity
Implants – metal pins, rods, artificial joints
Menstruation – may increase menstrual flow
Medications – individuals using prescription meds should first consult with their physician


Multiple Sclerosis
Cardiovascular Issues
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Hemophiliacs (prone to bleeding)



Elderly: maintaining core body temperature decreases with age. We recommend starting at a lower temperature and for 20 minutes.



Children: Their core temperature rises faster than adults and they have an inability to regulate body temperature by sweating. We recommend starting at a lower temperature for 20 minutes.

Joint Injury


Joint Injury: Recent joint injury should not be heated for the first 48 hours. Consult your physician prior to Sauna use.


How Much Will I Sweat?

Infrared Rays heat from your core, so you may not sweat for 10-20 minutes. This is good allowing for a deep thorough detox from the inside out.

How Long Is A Sesson?

15 – 20 minutes for Children and Elderly

30 – 40 minutes for Generally Healthy Individuals

How Hot Does It Get?

Settings for Generally Healthy individuals is 136F – 145F / 58C – 63C

Settings for Children and Elderly is 126F – 135F /  52C – 57C

Is It Private?

Absolutely! The Sauna is in a private room equipped with towels, a chair, and water for realizing after your sweat session. We want you to take as much time as you need following your session.


How Oftern Can I Use The Sauna?

2 Times per week is a good regular regimen to keep the detox going with noticeable results with include: improved sleep, increased energy, and feeling better.

What Do I Do After My Session?

Hydrate! Your body just released a lox of toxins and water. We recommend lemon water, coconut water, or an electrolyte replacement drink (provided) following your sweat session. Also to drink plenty of plain water for a few days following your session.

Will I Lose Weight?

*Some people have experienced weight loss as the Sauna increases blood flow and heart rate. Much like a moderate workout, you may also burn up to 600 calories in a 30 minutes session. *Results may vary.



$30 Per Session

$125 Pk of 5 Sessions

$200 Pk of 10 Sessions

All Pricing + GST

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