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“People are fed by the Food Industry, which pays no attention to Health, and are treated by the Health Industry which pays no attention to food.”
~ anonymous

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What You'll Get

With Jackie as your Certified Personal Health Coach, she will create a safe place to share, and one of trust, guiding you with support, knowledge, and accountability. Also equipping you with personalized handouts and simple recipes, to keep you thriving with positive changes for reaching your wellness goals.

Jackie has taken her health into her own hands at an early age, overcoming Debilitating Digestive Issues, an Eating Disorder, Depression, and a Traumatic Childhood, among other hurdles. And if you asked her today, she wouldn’t change a thing!! Because without those experiences, she wouldn’t be the strong woman she is today. Obstacles are nothing to be afraid of and only lessons in your life’s Journey. Jackie is a Mom, Wife, and Business Owner, she understands the busy day to day life, and how it can be difficult to navigate the contradictory diet information out there, and finding Balance in your daily life. She can relate to the daily stressors and will be your motivator and support system on your Wellness Journey.

Jackie’s Intention has always been, to be the healthiest she can be, in order to help others be the healthiest they can be.


Are you confused with what to eat?
Do you struggle with the work/home life balance?
Are you prone to emotional eating?
Do you have IBS?
Do you have a health goal for 2020 and need some support and guidance to get you there?
Are you new to plant based eating and need advice?
Do you and your partner want to be on the same food page?
Are you dealing with cravings or food addictions?
Do you and your partner want to adopt a plant based diet, but don’t know where to start?
Are you ready for a positive change in your health?
Do you struggle with what to eat on the go?
Need help with healthy simple recipes?
Did you know, many illnesses and symptoms can be healed with the right foods?

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.``
~ Hippocrates

I want to THRIVE

not just SURVIVE!

Why This Program Works

  • Have a supportive mentor working with you
  • Boost your confidence
  • Receive personalized recipes
  • Build your understanding of what foods work for your body
  • Recognize your triggers
  • Learn to manage stress
  • Gain self-empowerment
  • Shift your focus to well being
  • Learn to navigate through the confusing diet web
  • Improve your relationship with food

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”
~ Virgil

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