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Gentle Cleansing, Life Changing Results


Colon Hydrotherapy

Hydrate and cleanse the bowel of accumulated waste and toxins



Maintain optimal health by incorporating the IonCleanse® detoxifying foot bath into your heath regimen


Far Infrared Sauna

Sweating is one of the safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health in the body.


Why Choose Internal Synergy Inc.

Help the bowel to normalize & help keep the colon clean & healthy.
Clearer skin, increased energy, and sleeping more soundly.
Help with maintaining long term wellness.
Relief from chronic pain, swollen joints, edema, and arthritis.
Prevent future illness and increase overall health and vitality.


When I first came to see Jackie, having been recommended by a naturopath, I was a pretty sorry mess. Having just come off a round of spinal radiation that rendered my bowels unmanageable, I struggled with these after-affects for two years. I then underwent a second round of radiation and lost any shred of control. During our first session, we spent the hour just talking. I was hesitant (and to be honest, quite sick) and needed reassurance. She made recommendations and was a great support. I felt comfortable enough to try an actual session and it changed my life.
I now have the confidence to navigate this problem with the assurance that Internal Synergy has my back. When I get to the point that I stop eating and begin to lose weight, I know that Jackie will help me. When I travel and get knocked off my routine, I come home confident that I can get back to normal with Jackie's expert help. In short, Jackie saved my life.
Which is why, whenever I recommend Jackie to someone I feel she may be able to help, I always preface it with the sentence ``Jackie saved my life``. Because I truly feel she did.
Diane Hermary
Jackie K. is the real deal.
The bees knees.
The cat's pajamas.
Int. Syn. will help you with...
...mental clarity
...better nutrient absorption
...restore regularity
...kick-start weight loss
...easier/deeper sleep.
This has been my experience.
I hope it becomes yours.
LJ in Red Deer

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